Naïve insight on blind tasting

Looking for a new idea to impress your date? Just look at a blind tasting competition on youtube, learn by heart the description of the wine and use your smooth and sexy voice.

First thing while starting the video I wondered if the guy was speaking to himself or to the glass and I then realized a huge audience was staring at him ready to absorb its words. Not only does he use a very specific language but he does it at an impressive speed. The show is better than eloquence competition at my business school. It sounds like a long poem interrupted by the sound of the wine gargling in mouth and the spitting.  

He stands there, lost in his wine world, eyes looking in the vague and starts about the flavors, the feeling on the palate, the structure, « the wine is clear… there is lemon, lime, citrus, green apple, pear… the wine is dry.. acidity medium plus, body, mineralogy plus , strong tannin… probably a New World… Australia, Margaret River, Sauvignon blanc, 2010. »


He then grabs the next glass and begins: « White, clear, color pale shawl, some gas, moderate on the nose, lemon, grapefruit, yellow apple, orange, citrus, it’s waxy… I would say bee wax, mineral, crispy, neutral, fresh, dry, tropical, green pineapple. High acid, alcohol moderate +, finishes moderate +. »