Millennial’s relationship to wine

Who is the typical millennial? A young aged 35 craving for new technologies and cocktails recipe? Seems Millennial’s portrait is much more complex according to Eric Briones, luxury marketing specialist.

According to a study led by Jérôme Fourquet with 1000 youth aged from 18 to 30, transmission and heritage from family is the first origin of their interest for wine.

63% of this sample believes wine should be taught by the family and 40% trust their family to learn about wine. The majority of them pair their wine with their food. 18% drink wine with their food in the week , 40% on the week-end. A new trend growing is wine for itself and wine as appetizer (while cooking , before food…)

Only 34% are interested into wine and wine does not attract as much as Pokemon. Only 15% already installed a wine app. So how can you attract young people to get into wine? « By hacking the wine »:

  • Through lifestyle: Millennial expect companies to come to them and produce for them. You need to teach them and give them some content.
  • Incarnation: Domaines are a mysterious place that does not specifically raise interest. It’s important to understand the life of the producer and create an imaginative universe.
  • Be transparent: It’s important to prove the transparency, the origin because the consumer today want to understand w
    hat he drinks.
  • Innovative: You have to create and impulse the magic. Make them dream and make them fall in love with your brand.
  • They are very sensitive to good design and graphics.
  • Make them smile, make them laugh. Funny is the new cool.hallo.jpg


Canned wines ?

During a talk at Epicurian Trader (401 Cortland Ave) with the vendor about their best selling wines & Millennial’s favorite’s – wine cans seems to appear on top of the list. Little did I know that was one of their best selling product this Summer in San Francisco. A wine can? Seriously?

American people love outdoor activities – they do everything outside if the weather allows them to. Therefore instead of just taking a pack of booze it seems they start to take a pack of wine cans along with them. According to the vendor, it’s more convenient outside than a bottle, it’s easy to open, it keeps the wine fresh and it’s very transportable compare to the whole glass & wine opener set that wine lovers consider part of the wine tasting traditional ritual.

Now I do not know yet if this is going to turn trendy & attract hipsters consumers feeling more original and fancy drinking wine rather than booze or if this is just another absurd « consumerist americanization » of wine drinking. Consumption in America of wine by the youth will probably increase thanks to the cans but I wonder if this will raise a genuine interest for the wine culture or if this will ultimately alter authentic wine tasting. Let’s hope for the best!

Underwood Pinot noir