A good deed by having a cocktail?

Weren’t you just wondering how you could do your weekly good deed as the week end is quickly approaching? Well, you should go at the Les Justes – Pigalle and have a drink! Indeed, for each 13€ cocktail you have, a small share will be given to three associations.

Not only is the bar generous and social, it is also very chic. Whatever the occasion, in couple or with friend, this friendly bar will make you have a good time, for a good reason…

“Soyons justes”, let’s have a drink!


The Molitor bar: an historical monument

Why don’t you come have a drink at what has been the most famous pool of Paris during more than 60 years? It is now classified as an historical monument, and before becoming this luxurious hostel it currently is, it has let the space to many artists, becoming one of the temple of the Parisian underground mood.

Starting from this month, the rooftop terrace of the Molitor will enable you to enjoy the awesome view on the Eiffel Tower and its surroundings. What a perfect occasion to discover a new bar full of history, and delight their famous signature cocktail, the Molitor History X!



Give me a Bisou

The bisou is an adorable, vegan friendly, marble bar decorated in nude tones designed in collaboration with David Gaillard.

There is no menu: either you know exactly what to ask for or you ask Nicolas Munoz for a bespoke cocktail. Pina Colada and Mojitos are not the one you are used to: you’ll be surprised by their granular texture, whipped cream and sorbet look.

With each cocktail you will receive a comestible flower making you dive in the bucolic spirit of the Bisou. You will only find bio, local and seasonal fruits. Most of ingredients are transformed into syrup to avoid the loss.

Perfect bar if you are looking for friendly faces and preserve the environment while enjoying a real fine bespoke cocktail.

Adress: 15 Boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris


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Get your haircut and your cognac at Gentlemen 1919

Hidden behind a barbershop, the bar of the Gentlemen 1919 is the perfect place to meet with your peers and try some very fine spirits: portos, sherries, rhums, vodkas, gins, liqueurs, cremes, cachaca, tequila, whiskies (japanese, irish, highlands, lowlands), cognacs and armagnacs… The true amateurs will surely be fullfilled.

Ladies you are very much welcome, you will also find bubbles and fine cocktails.  Gentlemen if you need a barber and a cognac this is the place to go.

Gentlemen 1919







A taste of history: Le bar Kléber

Bar of the prestigious Peninsula , le Bar Kléber is all about elegance and quite beauty. Ideal for business meetings or meeting with the in-laws. 

Oak panelling, gilded mouldings, soaring ceilings and giant mirrors mark this historic bar, which offers an extensive collection of cocktails, fine wines, Champagnes, spirits and international whiskies. Immerse into history in this bar where the Paris Peace Accords, which ended the Vietnam War, were signed here in 1973.

On sunny days, double-height windows lead out on to La Terrasse Kléber for drinks al fresco.


Fabulous oak panelling



The Andy Wahloo: a solid value

Enter the Andy Wahloo and discover a simple 70s-era space that caters to a lot of fashion industry folks especially during the fashion week.

Comfortable, cool, slightly fancy, this dark and cozy bar features a décor of African and Middle Eastern images combined with colorful pop art furnishings and bulbous low-hanging lanterns.

Either pick a custom cocktail or pick from the menu – this one being presented as a novel. Later on, the mood mellows as guests lounge about on the cushioned banquettes and small stools for low-key conversations. In the summer, a private outdoor terrace draws a very international crowd.

Stylish, warm and intimate the Andy Wahloo is perfect for seeking some privacy with quality drinks and people.






andy whaloo .jpg

Enter at the « No Entry »

Hidden under the Pink Mamma, the No Entry is still a real speakeasy, not known enough to be too crowded on a late Saturday Night. You will be amused while going through the corridor of the « chambre froide » to discover the bar hidden behind. Designed by Martin Brudnizki, this speakeasy is not a simple lounge since you are surrounded by ‘dames-jeannes’ , jars in which more than 3000 liters of alcohol are infusing. The colors and reflections of the red light through the jars make the place particularly unique and intimate.  Stay long enough and let yourself be surprised by tasting a few of their fifteen re-visited Italian cocktails.

It gets less crowded after 11pm.

© Joann Pai




Midnight at the Plaza Athénée

Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku created a like-in-space atmostphere with hipnotizing round-shaped bowls on the tables that put in relief your magic cocktail. Look above you and discover an arty, couture dark blue curtain installation that gives perspective to the entire room. At night, the whole room turn into a deep, dark blue lightening therefore creating a nice dreamy and cosy feeling.

You will find the bar speciality la Rose Royale (champagne and mash raspberries) and many others creations by Thierry Hernandez and his crew. Sipping your cocktail in this blue atmosphere admiring the ceilings and the surroundings sculpture will make this moment delightful no matter the company.

Around you some people will be relaxing while others will try catch your attention in their nice suits or dresses. A good place if you like to see and be seen.