LVMH Conquers the New World

You may be familiar with the iconic brands such as Moët & Chandon, Krug, Veuve Clicquot, Hennessy, Château d’Yquem… They all have in common the same level of prestige and unique French age-old handcrafted know-how. These world-renowned wines and spirits brands also belong to the same French multinational luxury goods conglomerate: LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. Run by the visionary and CEO Bernard Arnault, the LVMH group is present in five major sectors of the luxury market, whose one of them, Wines & Spirits, is managed by Moët Hennessy.

If France, Spain and Italy are excellent terroirs for making lighter-bodied wine, Moët Hennessy has smartly foreseen the brilliant potential of the New World Wines. These wines, usually fuller-bodied, have bolder fruit flavors and tend to be higher in alcohol. With its rare heritage, its strong appetite for excellence and creativity and its very historical ability to integrate innovations into its activities, Moët Hennessy has been conquering the New World over the last decades: Argentina, Australia, the United States, Brazil, New Zealand, and many other surprising greenfields. As Philippe Schaus, CEO of Moët Hennessy reminds us, we should not forget that all LVMH “26 Houses are all inspired by the same spirit of perfection”.


True to the House’s spirit of innovation, Chandon Argentina was the first Moët & Chandon daughter company to establish itself overseas. It produces fresh, elegant wines which are the result of exceptional savoir-faire and terroir.





Situated in one of Australia’s best regarded winemaking regions, Cape Mentelle produces exceptional wines, including a cabernet sauvignon whose international reputation goes beyond the borders of the island continent.






In the 1973, Domaine Chandon became the first French-owned sparkling wine venture in the United States. Chandon California has been producing high-end sparkling wines in the heart of the Napa Valley for over 40 years.






Founded in 1973 by Moët & Chandon, Chandon Brazil is an alliance of Champagne savoir-faire and the exceptional climate of Serra Gaúcha.lvmh5





Combining savoir-faire, respect for the environment, and exceptional terroir, Newton Vineyard has been producing internationally acclaimed wines for over 35 years. It is one of the most prestigious estates in California’s Napa Valley. The famous American critic Robert Parker actually devoted an article to it in his reference work The World’s Greatest Wine Estates.






The Cloudy Bay estate in New Zealand produces exceptional wines that reflect the terroir from which they originate. Over the last 30 years, the estate has become a key player on the international wine market.






Since 1986, Chandon Australia has been confidently crafting sparkling wines that are stamped with the distinct style that is Chandon.






Cheval des Andes is the fruit of an encounter between two exceptional estates, and a perfect reflection of the Franco-Argentine style. This unique alliance combines the savoir-faire of the Saint-Emilion Château Cheval Blanc Premier Grand Cru Classé A, and the altitude terroir of Terrazas de los Andes.






Nestled in the craggy hillsides of the Andes mountain range, the Terrazas de los Andes estate subtly blends French know-how with exceptional Argentinian terroir. It takes its name from the “terrazas”, a series of terraced plateaus at the foot of the Andes mountain range.







Chandon is pioneering premium sparkling wine in China inventing the category with specific products profiled to fit the consumer´s taste and designed with the savoir faire of other Chandon wineries around the world.






AO YUN, CHINA, Since 2013

Produced in the foothills of the Himalayas, near the legendary city of Shangri-La, Ao Yun is the fruit of an exceptional adventure that pushes the frontiers in winemaking, by creating a wine estate in a previously unexplored terroir. Ao Yun means “flying above the clouds”, a reference to the clouds that cap the summits of the surrounding mountain chains.







Following in the pioneering steps of the founders and continuing its search for new wine-making territories, Moët Hennessy determined that the Nashik region in India had the potential to produce world-class, premium quality sparkling wine. Chandon is the first offering from Moët Hennessy to be made in India, combining the centuries-old sparkling winemaking practice with the finest local grapes.


Source: All the wine descriptions come from LVMH website:

Gik, Create Your Own Rules




At first glance, Gik looks like a simple blue wine… Nothing much than a grape juice with 11.5° of alcohol in volume and a blue colorant. Though, according to their website, Gik is not only a blue wine, it is rather a revolution! The team, made of designers, programmers, artists and musicians in their twenties, claim that drinking Gik is “drinking innovation”. Gik’s creators encourage us to break the rules and create our own ones. There is no protocol, no recipe, no model, “because life is about freedom and enjoying every single second of it”.


Their Manifesto speaks for itself: “GIK represents the innovative side of life, because that’s how we are. We believe in the creative rebellion, we build new things, break with the past and create our future. We are Gïk and we will change the world.‪#‎GikLive”.

But where does Gik come from? Why did they choose to color wine in blue? Is it natural colorant? Under the section Learn More on their website, we discover that Gik wines come from different Spanish and French curated vineyards. Regarding the color, their response is as original as appealing. They first have chosen to work on the most traditional and closed minded industry: the wine industry. Then, after reading W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne book, Blue Ocean Strategy, the young team has chosen to color the red wine in blue! For them, this color represents movement, innovation and infinity, also frequently associated with flow and change. A quote of the famous Russian painter Kandinski reinforces the importance of art that Gik’s creators give to their work. From a technical point of view, this magical color is 100% natural as it comes from two organic pigments: indigo and anthocyanin.


They guarantee a good quality control of their product thanks to their collaboration with the University of the Basque Country and Food Tech. To allay any consumer’s anxiety, it is added that “all the elements used comply with the regulations for food products in the European Union”. This wine is also healthy, as Gïk carries no added sugars. Please drink it with moderation!

 The result is outstanding: They have created a radically different wine, sweeter and easier to drink, with a vibrant blue that makes every drink an unique moment!


Although the delivery is a little bit too long (about 2 weeks), the overall online experience is pretty nice. I have got five updates from the order confirmation at the very beginning of the process to the UPS delivery alert before getting my wine box. It is worth to notice that payment solutions (Mastercard, Visa, Paypal) on the website are safe and secure.

 Discover their nice cocktails as well, such as Russian Nights or The Voyeur or Artic Flower. Last but not least, if you create alternative music, have a look to their new platform Gïk Live! SESSIONS that supports and offers visibility to new musicians revolutionizing emerging musical currents

So, ready to be part of Gik Revolution?


To get in touch with Gik, do not hesitate to reach out Paola Guzzo or Aritz Lopez at, follow them on Instagram (giklive_fr) and visit their terrific website (!

Enter the legend

You had a tough day? The Experimental Cocktail Club is for you. This bar with his regulars will surprise you by his original and diverse cocktails. Have a drink in a vintage sofa and enjoy the hushed atmosphere. Natural beams, brick walls, the piano and remains from the old Paris will await for you. Anyway don’t be mistaken, this bar is full of energy especially on friday and saturday nights !


Treat yourself at the Bristol

It’s a successful collaboration between Pierre-Yves Rochon and Madame Maja Oetker that creates a very cosy British atmosphere in this Palace Bar. Like in a curiosity cabinet you will find books, rabbits, birds and glass globes… all together creating a very sophisticated look.

The team is young, dynamic and amazingly well trained: as soon as you sit you are being offered some light snacks and a little amuse-bouche before you choose your cocktail. You can either go for one of their signature cocktails: the Heartbreaker or the Bristol Old Fashioned or gf for the bespoke. They offer a few rare champagne and spirits such as Duval Leroy and Alfred Gratien.

26€ per cocktail.

10817557-17872277 2Nouveau-bar-Hôtel-Bristol-Paris-Silencio-entrée-630x420 2.jpgle-bristol-paris-le-bar 2.jpgNouveau-bar-Hôtel-Bristol-Paris-Silencio-cocktail-bienvenue-630x420 2.jpg

A good deed by having a cocktail?

Weren’t you just wondering how you could do your weekly good deed as the week end is quickly approaching? Well, you should go at the Les Justes – Pigalle and have a drink! Indeed, for each 13€ cocktail you have, a small share will be given to three associations.

Not only is the bar generous and social, it is also very chic. Whatever the occasion, in couple or with friend, this friendly bar will make you have a good time, for a good reason…

“Soyons justes”, let’s have a drink!


The Molitor bar: an historical monument

Why don’t you come have a drink at what has been the most famous pool of Paris during more than 60 years? It is now classified as an historical monument, and before becoming this luxurious hostel it currently is, it has let the space to many artists, becoming one of the temple of the Parisian underground mood.

Starting from this month, the rooftop terrace of the Molitor will enable you to enjoy the awesome view on the Eiffel Tower and its surroundings. What a perfect occasion to discover a new bar full of history, and delight their famous signature cocktail, the Molitor History X!



Give me a Bisou

The bisou is an adorable, vegan friendly, marble bar decorated in nude tones designed in collaboration with David Gaillard.

There is no menu: either you know exactly what to ask for or you ask Nicolas Munoz for a bespoke cocktail. Pina Colada and Mojitos are not the one you are used to: you’ll be surprised by their granular texture, whipped cream and sorbet look.

With each cocktail you will receive a comestible flower making you dive in the bucolic spirit of the Bisou. You will only find bio, local and seasonal fruits. Most of ingredients are transformed into syrup to avoid the loss.

Perfect bar if you are looking for friendly faces and preserve the environment while enjoying a real fine bespoke cocktail.

Adress: 15 Boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris


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Get your haircut and your cognac at Gentlemen 1919

Hidden behind a barbershop, the bar of the Gentlemen 1919 is the perfect place to meet with your peers and try some very fine spirits: portos, sherries, rhums, vodkas, gins, liqueurs, cremes, cachaca, tequila, whiskies (japanese, irish, highlands, lowlands), cognacs and armagnacs… The true amateurs will surely be fullfilled.

Ladies you are very much welcome, you will also find bubbles and fine cocktails.  Gentlemen if you need a barber and a cognac this is the place to go.

Gentlemen 1919







A taste of history: Le bar Kléber

Bar of the prestigious Peninsula , le Bar Kléber is all about elegance and quite beauty. Ideal for business meetings or meeting with the in-laws. 

Oak panelling, gilded mouldings, soaring ceilings and giant mirrors mark this historic bar, which offers an extensive collection of cocktails, fine wines, Champagnes, spirits and international whiskies. Immerse into history in this bar where the Paris Peace Accords, which ended the Vietnam War, were signed here in 1973.

On sunny days, double-height windows lead out on to La Terrasse Kléber for drinks al fresco.


Fabulous oak panelling