The Andy Wahloo: a solid value

Enter the Andy Wahloo and discover a simple 70s-era space that caters to a lot of fashion industry folks especially during the fashion week.

Comfortable, cool, slightly fancy, this dark and cozy bar features a décor of African and Middle Eastern images combined with colorful pop art furnishings and bulbous low-hanging lanterns.

Either pick a custom cocktail or pick from the menu – this one being presented as a novel. Later on, the mood mellows as guests lounge about on the cushioned banquettes and small stools for low-key conversations. In the summer, a private outdoor terrace draws a very international crowd.

Stylish, warm and intimate the Andy Wahloo is perfect for seeking some privacy with quality drinks and people.






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Enter at the « No Entry »

Hidden under the Pink Mamma, the No Entry is still a real speakeasy, not known enough to be too crowded on a late Saturday Night. You will be amused while going through the corridor of the « chambre froide » to discover the bar hidden behind. Designed by Martin Brudnizki, this speakeasy is not a simple lounge since you are surrounded by ‘dames-jeannes’ , jars in which more than 3000 liters of alcohol are infusing. The colors and reflections of the red light through the jars make the place particularly unique and intimate.  Stay long enough and let yourself be surprised by tasting a few of their fifteen re-visited Italian cocktails.

It gets less crowded after 11pm.

© Joann Pai




Midnight at the Plaza Athénée

Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku created a like-in-space atmostphere with hipnotizing round-shaped bowls on the tables that put in relief your magic cocktail. Look above you and discover an arty, couture dark blue curtain installation that gives perspective to the entire room. At night, the whole room turn into a deep, dark blue lightening therefore creating a nice dreamy and cosy feeling.

You will find the bar speciality la Rose Royale (champagne and mash raspberries) and many others creations by Thierry Hernandez and his crew. Sipping your cocktail in this blue atmosphere admiring the ceilings and the surroundings sculpture will make this moment delightful no matter the company.

Around you some people will be relaxing while others will try catch your attention in their nice suits or dresses. A good place if you like to see and be seen.




Millennial’s relationship to wine

Who is the typical millennial? A young aged 35 craving for new technologies and cocktails recipe? Seems Millennial’s portrait is much more complex according to Eric Briones, luxury marketing specialist.

According to a study led by Jérôme Fourquet with 1000 youth aged from 18 to 30, transmission and heritage from family is the first origin of their interest for wine.

63% of this sample believes wine should be taught by the family and 40% trust their family to learn about wine. The majority of them pair their wine with their food. 18% drink wine with their food in the week , 40% on the week-end. A new trend growing is wine for itself and wine as appetizer (while cooking , before food…)

Only 34% are interested into wine and wine does not attract as much as Pokemon. Only 15% already installed a wine app. So how can you attract young people to get into wine? « By hacking the wine »:

  • Through lifestyle: Millennial expect companies to come to them and produce for them. You need to teach them and give them some content.
  • Incarnation: Domaines are a mysterious place that does not specifically raise interest. It’s important to understand the life of the producer and create an imaginative universe.
  • Be transparent: It’s important to prove the transparency, the origin because the consumer today want to understand w
    hat he drinks.
  • Innovative: You have to create and impulse the magic. Make them dream and make them fall in love with your brand.
  • They are very sensitive to good design and graphics.
  • Make them smile, make them laugh. Funny is the new cool.hallo.jpg


Canned wines ?

During a talk at Epicurian Trader (401 Cortland Ave) with the vendor about their best selling wines & Millennial’s favorite’s – wine cans seems to appear on top of the list. Little did I know that was one of their best selling product this Summer in San Francisco. A wine can? Seriously?

American people love outdoor activities – they do everything outside if the weather allows them to. Therefore instead of just taking a pack of booze it seems they start to take a pack of wine cans along with them. According to the vendor, it’s more convenient outside than a bottle, it’s easy to open, it keeps the wine fresh and it’s very transportable compare to the whole glass & wine opener set that wine lovers consider part of the wine tasting traditional ritual.

Now I do not know yet if this is going to turn trendy & attract hipsters consumers feeling more original and fancy drinking wine rather than booze or if this is just another absurd « consumerist americanization » of wine drinking. Consumption in America of wine by the youth will probably increase thanks to the cans but I wonder if this will raise a genuine interest for the wine culture or if this will ultimately alter authentic wine tasting. Let’s hope for the best!

Underwood Pinot noir

Naïve insight on blind tasting

Looking for a new idea to impress your date? Just look at a blind tasting competition on youtube, learn by heart the description of the wine and use your smooth and sexy voice.

First thing while starting the video I wondered if the guy was speaking to himself or to the glass and I then realized a huge audience was staring at him ready to absorb its words. Not only does he use a very specific language but he does it at an impressive speed. The show is better than eloquence competition at my business school. It sounds like a long poem interrupted by the sound of the wine gargling in mouth and the spitting.  

He stands there, lost in his wine world, eyes looking in the vague and starts about the flavors, the feeling on the palate, the structure, « the wine is clear… there is lemon, lime, citrus, green apple, pear… the wine is dry.. acidity medium plus, body, mineralogy plus , strong tannin… probably a New World… Australia, Margaret River, Sauvignon blanc, 2010. »


He then grabs the next glass and begins: « White, clear, color pale shawl, some gas, moderate on the nose, lemon, grapefruit, yellow apple, orange, citrus, it’s waxy… I would say bee wax, mineral, crispy, neutral, fresh, dry, tropical, green pineapple. High acid, alcohol moderate +, finishes moderate +. »